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We love creating innovative health, beauty and fitness products from the ground up. Here at Invincible Brands, we developed a unique formula of product development methods to test and ensure our products are top notch and to live up to highest customer expectations.

Our marketing platform reaches over 100 million women and men across the world on social media every month. This powerful combination of greatest products and global social marketing defines our invincible brands.






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At Natural Mojo, we believe that good nutrition is the foundation of healthy living. This is the result of careful research, deep personal experience, and a burning interest in everything related to sport, nutrition, and health. We also believe that nature offers incredibly powerful and healthy ingredients. That’s why we have developed natural super-food powders.

At HelloBody, we believe that there is beauty in every woman and that the key to beauty is naturalness. That is why we offer care cosmetics carefully elaborated with the best natural ingredients and without compromising on performance. Because our true beauty shows when we are able to embrace who we are and just be ourselves. #naturalisglamorous

I AM KAMU wants to make bracelets the cult object they deserve to be. We make handmade unique pieces for style-conscious characters that radiate elegance and a sense of adventure. For those who follow the call of the distance and prefer the here and now. With a companion, on a trip around world, taking a stroll through the city, or at a cocktail reception.

Bananas are cool – but not flawless or perfect. Banana Beauty brings back the fun and authenticity in the beauty world. So we develop products with the community – for the community. We are inspired by make-up artists and urban looks to keep you up to date with the newest beauty trends! Our mission is to support your individual beauty.


Our company is run by talented, hard-working people who love to challenge themselves and go the extra mile.

We are proud of our products and their impact on lifestyle and consumer trends. On the way to our success we’ve built a strong set of values which you can see below.

Our Team

Bjoern Keune
Co-Founder & CEO
Gennadi Tschernow
Co-Founder & MD
Robert Quandt

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